Friday, March 7, 2014

30 Day Happiness Challenge. Day 7!

I remember my entry for last time for this very topic.  It's very hard to top Brad Pitt's smile.  Trust me.  But this year, I am expanding my horizons!

I bring you the wonderousness that is none other than Benedict Cumberbatch:

Do I know how to link to it as a gif?  I don't actually know!  Gif magic!

And Michael Fassbender:

Yeah, okay.  So Brad Pitt ended up being in this picture.  That was a complete coincidence.  I promise!

And because she is one of the most beautiful:

The lovely, Eva Green.

Oh, famous people.  You're so lovely.


  1. Cumberlaugh!

  2. :D

    Isn't he wonderful!? * swoon!*

  3. Charming for sure, but I prefer Tom Hiddleston. Death by tall, skinny, British men!! :)

  4. I enjoyed reading your 30 days of happiness posts (backward) and am backtracking here to share my new found appreciation of Britishguy Cummerbund. I actually watched some of his work and he's amazing. That voice!

  5. :) British people and their voices!